Building the future


bannerNOUBRU CONSTRUCTION was created with the aim of being one of the foremost Cameroonian construction corporations, national standard in the integrated provision of urban, industrial and infrastructure developments management service. The company is known as the leader in both conception and construction services coupled with the rehabilitation of private lands in central Africa. We provide all kind of designs for construction services in commercial, industrial, institutional and civil sector. We also apply modern and flexible principles in construction management and general contracting as fundamental instruments to increase productivity and competitiveness.


We build more than buildings, we create brands and places, big and small, that people seek out and remember, that define and sustain the communities and businesses we serve, and that respect the earth. Today and tomorrow, wherever we work, with whomever we partner, we bring passion, curiosity and integrity; things we’ve always stood for. Our company is committed to providing highest quality buildings that exceed clients expectations. Our design and construction teams work together to ensure that every step of the construction process follows a strict set of guidelines established by the Noubru’s Quality Program and ISO standards regulations. On the other hand, our quality commitment goes further the building process, providing our customers with detailed preliminary studies, advisement and information regarding the whole development process. The detailed Scope of work and performance criteria are established and agreed upon with the owner as part of the contractual agreement.


In NOUBRU Co. we believe that the combination of talent and commitment on the part of our professionals is one of the key factors underlying our success as a high quality construction company. For that reason our team has high skilled and experienced professionals as managers, architects, engineers, projectors, surveyors and support staff in order to succeed with our customer aims at the highest quality standards. Our Building Partners reflects the most important aspect of NOUBRU’s mandate: the cultivation of the client relationship and the assembly of the best possible team of consultants and trade partners to efficiently deliver a superior final product.